Dear Petra and Randy,
We had a wonderful time organizing and catching such lovely fish! What a grand experience!
The Old Woman and the Sea.
Thank you again for the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Dr. K.L., Talking Fish, November 21, 2018. She released a 225 lb blue marlin on fly.

Leo was awesome! He was prepared and he put us on the fish!

Kristen M, fished on the Salsa November 29, 2018

We went out on the Talking Fish 11/18/18. It was a great boat and crew! Captain Randy, from up in the tower, put us on the grouper first to catch dinner and then onto the big boys where my son(8) had a great fight and landed a 50” mahi and we caught another 54” around 45 lbs. Max and Eithel were great on deck with us, fastest I’ve ever seen big fish off the deck and into the well. The beer was ice cold and they even cut up a pineapple for us to enjoy. The fish were cleaned and on ice for us to continue our day in Tamarindo by the time we dropped anchor. Petra was great with booking as well. Thanks to all for making a great trip for adults and kids!

Wes Bradshaw, November 18, 2018

Talking Fish

Had us on the Marlin with in the 1sts two hours of fishing. Landed a 6’ 220 pounder. Caught and released. Then came the Yellow Tuna. Then the Grouper , Red fish , Mackerel and finished with a Dorado. Sorry I forgot the jack fish and Red snapper. Best day of Ocean fishing ever. Back to the snow tomorrow.

Bill Young, November 26, 2018

Full day on Talking Fish November 26, 2018

We had a blast on the Talking Fish last week! A marlin, lots of dorado and grouper for dinner. Our thanks to Randy, Max and Etel! We will be back next year.

Tom A., November 2018

Talking Fish trip

Arturo and Javier were awesome on the OutCast! This was the best fishing trip! Thanks again.

Christina O., November 2018

You guys never seem to disappoint your clients! As always we had 2 awesome fishing days. Thanks goodness for the awesome weather. See you next time!
Laurie and James
October 2018
Awesome fishing! October 2018, Salsa and OutCast

We had a great time today. Captain Arturo and Javier were wonderful. Caught a 400 pound blue marlin, 5 dorado and a cubera snapper!
Captain Arturo wanted us to make sure to send you images of the turtles we found caught on the illegal fishing lines. We were impressed by both men in their successful efforts to free the three turtles.
Thanks for everything.
Jeff S. November 7, 2017

Great day on the OutCast!

What an incredible day fishing! I went fishing today on the Outcast with Captain Arturo. In the beginning went almost all day without a bite; but 40 minutes before my trip was over I caught an 800 lb. Black marlin! Wow! My 1st trip for marlin!
David S. August 1, 2017

Incredible day!

We had a wonderful time with Javier and Arturo. They were excellent!
Arturo took many pictures of the sailfish and the marlin which he showed us. Arturo said he will send them to you and then you can send to us. At your convenience, can you please send them to us.
I can upload the videos to your Facebook when I have wi-fi.
Thank you for an excellent fishing experience!  We will be coming back with a few more people next year… just for the fishing!!!
Kelly H. August 5 and 7, 2017

Wonderful time on the OutCast. August 5 and 7, 2017

Petra and Randy,
Thanks for 3 wonderful days of fishing!! Our group had a blast! I saw my blue marlin on FB page. Randy that is an awesome picture! If possible could you email the picture. I would love to have that blown up.
Laurie and James L. August 2017

Thanks for 3 wonderful days of fishing!!

Thanks so much for setting us up with Leo on the Salsa yesterday. We hooked 4 Tuna, boated 3, a Mahi and raised 2 sails but couldn’t get them to bite. Beyond that, we saw so many things we had never seen before. Just an amazing trip and Leo was great. He worked so hard for us and I think he was more disappointed than us at not hooking the Sails!
Thanks for the great memories!

Amazing trip

We wanted to let you know that we had a great time. The crew were true gentleman with a lot of patience and taught us ladies how to catch some great fish.

Willow R.

We had a great time!

Great outing last Saturday, and so grateful to have been part of an incredible day of fishing. Thanks so much to Randy and his crew for an awesome job. I will never forget the day. Catching four Dorado was most exciting, but landing TWO BLUE MARLIN in one day is without a question the hi-light of my entire sporting career, including catching a monster walleye in Minnesota, and bagging a Bonne and Crocket white tail buck in North Dakota. Those pale when compared to landing a giant Blue Marlin. “Second Best” isn’t even close to the excitement of that.

God willing, and all things being equal, I’ll be back down again in February, and we’ll do it again. I’m thinking of a full day trip for the “big stuff”, and then half day in shore for Roosters, etc.

Thanks, again to all for the privilege,
Rick F.

Great Outing!

Catching that huge Blue Marlin was the thrill of a lifetime! You cannot imagine how much I prayed the fish stayed on when I was fighting her. Fishing with Randy on the Talking Fish was a very enjoyable experience. The crew was excellent and they run a first class operation. They worked hard all day and I think that they wanted to catch fish as much as I did. They were also very friendly and a lot of fun to fish with. When there was action, they operated like a well oiled machine. I learned much fishing with then and consider them the best crew I have ever fished with. I look forward fishing with them again some time in the future.

Bob A.

Thrill of A Lifetime!

Many thanks to the crew of the Talking Fish and Outcast for an amazing experience! 7 Marlin, 1 sailfish and yellowfin tuna! These guys are the best!

Andrew C.

Many Thanks!